I Can’t Explain God

God is beyond the realm of the natural.  He works in ways that are beyond explanation. 

Sometimes that means he shows up with a loud voice, a burning bush, and fire from heaven as he did in the Old Testament.  Other times he works miracles that defy natural laws as he did in the New Testament.   

There are also times when God’s works are not miraculous or impressive in the way it was during Biblical times.  Yet, it remains beyond explanation. 

In my own life and ministry, I have seen this happen repeatedly.  Like the time the money arrived from an unexpected source at the perfect moment for paying bills.  There was the person who had not been to worship in months and showed up the day I spoke on their specific struggle.  I could repeat story after story of things that happened that were totally unexpected. 

Now, I could try to sit down with a piece of paper and show you where I was on my journey, the struggle I encountered, and how something happened that made everything work out well.  Even when I do that, people look at me and say, “You are so lucky.” Honestly, I don’t think luck has anything to do with it because I believe it was the power of God. 

We often minimize the work of God simply because it does not fit our preconceived mold.  We think he should work with bright lights, loud noises, and fire.  Perhaps his work is better described as those moments you cannot explain.  When things come together in a way that you cannot fully put into words, maybe that is where God is working in your life.

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