I Should Have Known That

Recently I, an outspoken preacher, was asked a theological question and went blank.  I was involved in a friendly debate and was asking some insightful questions.  When they responded with an equally good question, I could not think of a response.  The verses slipped my mind, and I was speechless. 

I tell you this story to remind you that you will never have all the correct answers. Even preachers don’t know what to say sometimes.  No one knows everything and can remember it all on command.  Do not expect that of yourself either.

Many Christians do not like to talk about their faith because they fear not having the correct answer.  The truth is, there will be a conversation that you will not know or remember how to respond.  It is simply part of life, even for believers. 

Since our dialogue, I bought a book, read it, made notes, and committed things to memory.  An answer was out there, and I found someone who could articulate it, and I learned from them.  My primary response was to find a solution and be prepared for the next conversation.  Maybe it will be with the same person, or possibly someone else. 

Moments where we don’t know how to respond can be embarrassing, or they could be the situations that propel us forward.  I now know more than I did and have learned this topic thoroughly.  I am all set until the next time a person asks me something I do not know.  Then I will repeat the process of learning.  Every interaction like this could end with a bit of embarrassment, but it could also be just what we need to grow. 

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