Jesus and the Trivial Things

Did Jesus play board games with his friends?  Did he ever watch the sporting events of his time with family and friends? Did Jesus maintain a garden with his family and enjoy the harvest on a fabulous fall day?  Did he talk about the weather and make small talk with people on occasions?  What was it like to spend a holiday with Jesus? 

As a human, I am sure Jesus had to engage in some of the trivial things of life that we all do regularly.  What was that like? 

The stories in the Bible do not give us any clue.  They are focused on the spiritual moments.  The gospels tell us of his mighty works and amazing teaching.  Those stories are powerful and impressive, but they only take up a few pages of a life that lasted over 33 years. 

What was it like to spend time with Jesus doing trivial things? Since the Bible does not tell us those stories, I guess the best thing to do would be to watch his followers.  If they are walking the way of Jesus, then we should see Him in everything they do.

One of the challenges of a believer is to show Jesus in every detail of life, even those mundane moments.  Character is revealed in significant spiritual moments and in the things you do every day, even when you think no one will notice.    

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