People Who Change Us

Certain people walk into our lives and change us for the better.  These people can range from teachers and professors to coworkers and friends.  They are not planned for and often not sought after.  Something happens, and suddenly this person is helping us to think, believe and live differently. 

These people speak the truth into our lives that everyone else was ignoring.  They confront our crazy ideas with facts and reason.  They inspire us to attempt new ventures.  They calm the madness in our lives and encourage us to keep moving forward despite our issues.  They bring joy and laughter when we are down.  They inspire, instruct, and guide us in ways we never imagined.

We are always looking for ways to improve our lives.  We often search for more information, better advice, and convenient hacks that can be digested on our phones while waiting on our next event.  What if the way to grow was found through people?

Maybe we do not require more information; perhaps we need better people around us.  

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