Meaningful Words

I told my professor that what he said was so meaningful because it helped shape my heart and mind.  Then I told him what he had stated with such confidence that meant so much to me.  He smiled and replied, “That sounds like something I would say, but I don’t remember saying it.” 

I was shocked that he could not recall his words that I had memorized and written on the walls of my heart.  Then I entered the ministry and found the same thing happening to me.  People would approach me and tell me how much something I had said impacted their life.  Meanwhile, I could not remember ever saying it. 

This phenomenon happens for several reasons.  First, someone who speaks for a living, like my professor and me, tends to forget the specifics of what we say.  I can tell you all the big picture information but not the details of what I say.  Second, sometimes what connects with people are what I would call “throwaway statements.” These are made at the moment as my mind moves over the material and has little forethought.  Finally, the power of God’s Spirit working when someone speaks on his behalf is unpredictable. He might take something and change a life by words the speaker thought was meaningless. 

To communicate information about the kingdom of God is a unique task.  You never know when God will take the words you said and use them to further his work in someone’s life.  The best thing to do is to keep talking about God while he does his mighty deeds through you.  God only knows when that will happen or what you will say, so keep speaking till the meaningful words arrive.

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