Share Your Support

There is a lady I know who volunteers at the Church I lead.  She does so many wonderful things for people and is a blessing to the ministry here.  Recently she led a project, and because of several issues, she made a couple of decisions that made a few people mad.  They were pretty upset, and they told a few friends and family, and then they told a few more people, and they told more.  Now a large group of people is relatively upset about a decision this volunteer had made in the ministry she was leading.  

She is frustrated and is ready to quit her work as a volunteer.  She wonders, “Why waste my effort on people who do not appreciate it?  If I am going to get criticized for my decisions in the ministry I am leading, then why do it at all?” She is discouraged and is ready to quit helping. 

Why is it that we share negative stories so easily?  Why are we so quick to criticize the work of others?  Why do we think we could do everything better when we have never done it at all?

How would the Church be different, and the people of God be strengthened if we only shared positive stories?  What would happen if we told others about hard work, commitment, effort, and leadership? 

I think it would be great if the next time someone complained to you about another person in the Church, you stopped them and said, “I don’t want to hear it!” Then you start telling them about all the positive things that person has done.  How about the next time you want to share your unhappiness; instead, you share your support?  That would be far more helpful to the Church and make it much easier to keep volunteers.

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