Final Son’s Graduation

This Sunday, my youngest of four boys will walk across the stage a receive his high school diploma.  My wife and I are finally finished with nine solid years of high school and over twenty years of having kids in school. 

I usually do not write about my family, but today I will. It is an odd feeling to close this one chapter in my book, and before I do, I want to say a few things about my youngest son. 

First, never judge anyone by your first contact.  My son is an introvert like me.  He is deeply introspective, and he is brilliant.  He is incredibly intelligent, and you might not know it by his shy behavior and humble spirit.    

Second, he is extremely quiet, even with his family.  There are times I have ridden in the car with him for hours and not heard him say a word or only a few comments in response to my questions. 

Third, he is close to his brother and one friend.  He has a few really close relationships, and my wife and I love that his brothers are on the list.  They enjoy hanging out, playing games, and whatever else they do not tell us. 

Fourth, he was challenged to grow up quickly.  His older brothers pushed him to play sports early, learn things quickly and run with the big boys.  He has never complained when being forced to move beyond the little boy phase before other kids. 

Finally, my wife and I could not be prouder of our boy.  He is kind and sweet to his mother and a hunting buddy to me.  We have never had to beg him to attend Church or serve there.  He is a self-starter, and we have never had to ask about his homework.  He loves to sleep, take long showers, and stay up late.  He is spoiled as the youngest, and we would not have it any other way. 

Soon the house will be empty, and he will be off to college.  Michelle and I are excited to enter a new phase of life, but the house will not be the same without our son.  I pray for him daily, and I am thankful for the Christian people who have poured into his life through the years. 

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