Crazy Bible Stories

I must admit that even after a lifetime of reading the Bible, there are still some stories that seem crazy.  I have read them in context, sought out scholars’ teaching, and asked people wiser than me, but still, these stories are unique.  If you have read any of your Bible, you know exactly what I mean.

The Bible contains stories of talking donkeys and ax heads floating.  Chariots of fire descend from heaven, and bears attack a group of children at the urging of a prophet.  Then there is a story in Exodus chapter 4 verses 24-26 that no one seems to explain adequately. For those who read their Bible at all, there are often as many questions as there are answers.

One aspect of faith is the embracing of mystery.  There are just some parts of walking with God that we will never understand.  That is okay.  We are trusting the one who does comprehend far more than we can imagine.  Faith is not just trusting in a God we cannot see; it is also trusting his words which have parts we do not totally grasp. 

Sure, I encourage you to keep reading, searching, and asking questions until you find a reasonable answer.  Each story has a few possible explanations, and you accept the one that makes the most sense to you. Remember that faith is not God telling us everything but trusting him with everything we do not understand. 

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