Saved to Serve

The order is essential.  You do not serve to be saved. 

You are right with God through Jesus Christ.  You do not get right with Jesus by serving.

The latest push by Churches is that we are to be out in the community doing good works.  Everyone must understand we are serving because of what Jesus did for us.  If not, we quickly become a community group where people serve to make themselves feel better.  Jesus is removed, and a therapeutic version of good works exists to help us cope with a life of affluence. 

Our relationship with Jesus is the single most significant factor in our life.  If we reduce that, we are no longer sharing the gospel with the world but a works salvation.  This is an eternal mistake.

I hope you serve one another with love and joy.  But only do it because of Jesus, or you are wasting your time and leading others astray.

Repeat with me:  Saved to Serve. 

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