That’s My Team

The Green Bay Packers are my football team. 

I refer to the team as “my team,” and I talk about “our draft picks” and “our management.” I proudly wear their shirt when they are winning, along with displaying other paraphernalia around my house. 

Let me also be 100% honest here.  I have only attended one game in person in my entire life.  Also, I only watch games when it is convenient.  If there is a chance to go fishing or hunting, attend Church events or participate in a family activity, I don’t mind missing it. 

I also do not own any shares in the team.  I donate no money to the Packers team or any of the causes they support.  I don’t volunteer at anything they do, and I doubt I ever would.  I do not serve them or with them in any way. 

They are my team; by that, I mean that I own some Packers stuff and cheer them on whenever it doesn’t interfere with something else I want to do. I’m a fan, not a fanatic. 

I wonder what people mean when they say, “That’s my Church.”

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