Law of Large Numbers

The higher the number, the greater the chance of success. 

Make a huge number of sales calls, and you will make a large number of sales.  Ask enough people on a date, and you are bound to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Spend enough hours on the water, and you are bound to catch some fish.  Write enough songs and the greater the chance that people will love one and it will become a hit. 

It applies to almost every arena of life.  This includes your spiritual life. 

Listen to enough sermons, and one will touch you in a way you never expected.  Teach enough lessons, and one will impact someone else in a deep and meaningful way.  Share your faith or invite enough people to Church, and someone will respond positively.  Read your Bible repeatedly, and some of it will begin to stick in your brain and change you. 

The problem for most people is not that they are doing something wrong.  The issue is that they are not doing it enough. 

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