A Heavenly Mistake

A wise old saint once posed a curious scenario. They said, “Imagine you live in a place where you get to be present with all of your ancestors. The past generations who have died are all alive, and you live in continual fellowship with them. And now, imagine God is not there.”

What he was hoping to accomplish is for people to see what they are longing for in life and death. Most people are interested in eternity because of who they will spend time with there. What they fail to miss is that eternity is about God. We get to spend time with him.

My fear as a Church leader is that some people have made their hope in heaven all about people. They misunderstand the nature of our everlasting home. The byproduct is that they are not too excited about worship here on earth. They would much rather spend their time on a family outing than in worship because that is where their heart lies.

For those who long for God and live to praise his name, heaven is about reaching the goal of our faith. Heaven is a place where we finally get to be in the presence of God and worship him completely.

Sure, I hope and pray my family is there with me. That is why I share my faith with them now. That is why I point to the God I love as the center of all I believe. I want them to see the glory of the Lord and long to be with him too. Then in heaven, we can worship together with the author and perfector of our faith.

It is a mistake to place our joy for eternity in the hands of your family. The blessing of heaven is that we finally get to spend time with the God whom we have been longing to see.

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