Easy Next Steps

On his podcast, the Church consultant said that one key to growing disciples is to create “Easy Next Steps.” That way, people will know what God wants them to do first, second and third on their journey of faith, and then they will be able to do it. 

I understand the thrust to make “easy to understand next steps.” People need to know what God might be calling them to do in their walk with him. However, there is a difference between easy steps and easy-to-understand steps.  Following Jesus is rarely easy to do, even when we know precisely what to do. 

Jesus is constantly pushing and pulling people toward growth, and it is usually by doing the most difficult of projects.  He asks us to follow him above our family.  He invites us to die to ourselves.  Jesus challenges us in what we do with our time, money, and giftedness. 

The way to being like Christ is self-abnegation, personal sacrifice, and painful decisions.  These might be simple to understand, but they will rarely be an easy next step. 

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