Eulogy Living

When our lives are over, someone will stand up and say something about us at a funeral service, graveside, or “celebration of life.”

What would you like them to say? 

Knowing they will have only a short time to talk, what few things would you like people to remember about your life? 

Once you know this, you have determined the core values to build your life around.  If you want them to praise your garden and yard work, then spend all your time doing that.  Maybe you desire people to honor your work with pets, then do that.  If you want people to view you as a firm believer in Jesus, you will need to give yourself to that.  Possibly you want to be known as a great spouse, benevolent parent, or committed sibling.  Then you need to organize your time to make that happen. 

When the end is clear, then your work in the present to achieve that goal is also evident.  Wherever you spend your time, money, and energy is what people will talk about on that day. 

You get to decide right now what people will say at your funeral.  Choose wisely. 

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