Evil At Work

The devil is a master of manipulation. Naturally, he wants you on his side.  But his goal is not to get you and me to bow down to him at some alter in an evil underworld.  No, he only needs us to get on the opposite side of God. 

In the Garden of Eden, Satan tempts Eve in the most seemingly insignificant way.  He does not shout with a loud voice, “Worship me!” He does not even ask them to choose an evil act like hurting one another. Instead, he simply asks, “Did God really say?” Thus, the seed of doubt was planted, and the journey away from God has begun.   

All you need to do for evil to succeed in your life is to question the goodness of God.  Then to violate his word and his will at some point, no matter how minor it seems. 

I bet that evil will not work its way out in your life the way you imagine.  It will not come with a full-frontal assault on all you believe. Instead, his plan will include a few innocent-looking steps away from God.  In fact, in the temptation of Jesus, Satan misuses, misapplies, and purposely misunderstands scripture in an attempt to get Jesus to sin.  He will likely do the same with you.  And with the Church. 

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