Basketball and football both have an intermission halfway through the event for players to rest and regroup. It is time for the head coach to make adjustments based on what they just saw and how their team is performing.

This past week we finished the first six months of this year. We are halfway done with another calendar and headed into the final stretch. Along with ending six months, many people got a day off or an extended weekend with the fourth of July. Still, others took the holiday to take a vacation through this weekend. We are at halftime of another year.

Right now is an excellent time to assess what happened in the first six months and adjust our lives for the coming six months. Covid has made life interesting for the past months, and now things are returning to semi-normal. Through all these changes and new adventures, what has worked and what has not? What new lessons did you learn about yourself and those around you? What changes need to be made to make the second half even better?

The first half of games are important. No one wants to dig a hole that is almost impossible to get out of at the end. But, on the other hand, games are won in the second half. With a bit of coaching and making necessary changes, there is a good chance of success when the final whistle blows.

I hope you have experienced a great January to June. If not, I pray you take some time to rest and reflect. The end of this year could be one of your best ones ever. It won’t be easy, but it is not impossible.

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