Slow Down

When Covid first hit, people, expressed to me how good it felt to slow down.  With everything canceled, they had more time for the things that matter most in life. 

Now we are over a year beyond the shutdown we had in my area.  I have noticed that everyone is busier than ever.  Schedules are packed with all the events that they did not get to do last summer, along with new adventures for this one.  They are busy every morning, noon, night, and weekend. 

I heard a preacher say that one way he knew he was too busy was when he was pacing, back and forth, waiting on the microwave.  Our parents used to wait an hour for a baked potato.  The setting on my microwave allows one to be done in four minutes.  And still, that last thirty seconds take forever.  In fact, usually, there are seventeen seconds left on the timer as I finally decided it was done enough and take it out a little early.

School activities are picking back up.  The calendar is quickly becoming packed with all the events that keep us busy.  One challenge for this fall is to regain some of your covid lifestyles, like taking the time to focus on the important things in life.  When your microwave is not fast enough for you, then you definitely need to slow down.  It will be good for your family and your soul. 

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