Character Witness

In a court case, there are three types of witnesses. One is an eyewitness. They saw what happened, and they recall it to the court. The second type is an expert witness. They come to provide the courtroom with data from their years of education and experience. The last type is a character witness. These people can testify on behalf of another person’s positive or negative character traits and reputation in the community.

Let’s imagine you were going to court, and the first two had given their testimony. Who would you call as a character witness for you? What would they say about you? What would serve as their proof?

One day we will all stand before God and give an account for our lives. Many of us will claim the name of Jesus as our Savior. I wonder, are there any character witnesses who could back up that claim in your life? God knows everything, so maybe you don’t need a witness, but you will need to have something to back up your claim.

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