Reliving Yesterday

As I look back on my life, there is so much that I would do differently.  I have information I did not have when I made the earlier decisions in my life.  My experience has shown me the flaws in my choices.  I am a different person in so many ways than I was years ago. 

The weird truth is that one day I will look back on the decisions I am making today and think, “I should have done that differently.”  Because, once again, in the future, I will have more information and experiential knowledge that I do not have today. 

All of us are afraid to make mistakes in critical areas of life.  We hesitate, pray, ask advice, worry, plan and prepare to the best of our ability.  Yet you will never make entirely correct decisions, and that is okay. Instead, make the most informed choices you are able to and move forward in faith that God will be there to get you through. 

Sure, if I could relive yesterday, there would be many changes I would make.  One day I will wish I could relive today too.  Instead of replaying the past, focus on making the best choice you can today while continuing to trust God.  Faith is asking God to take your good and bad decisions and use them for his glory and your good, no matter how you will feel about them one day. 

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