Religious Activity

I firmly believe that people need to be involved in the life of their local Church.  They need to be there to learn, grow, connect, serve, and worship.  It is vital to the faith of every believer. 

With that said, I also have to warn against overactivity in the life of the Church.  There was a time when people came to Sunday school and then worship on Sunday morning.  Often they stayed for lunch. After that, they might go home for a couple of hours, and then they had another service on Sunday night.  On top of that, there was a Wednesday evening program too.  Somewhere in there was choir practice and a board meeting.  Many families spent five nights a week at the Church. 

One problem was that no one was making an impact in their community.  No one was out sharing the gospel.  No one was serving the people who were outside of their Christian bubble. 

The other problem was more subtle.  Attending religious activities and events does not always create disciples.  Sure, it gives people a chance to grow, but being present at the Church building every night does not guarantee that you will become a mature follower of Jesus.  In fact, many people who were a part of all those activities began to be egotistical.  They thought they were better than other believers.  With that came a sense of entitlement as their faith stagnated and died.  All while attending every possible program. 

True discipleship of a Christian is more than attending religious activities. 

Churches and leaders who do not believe this fill the calendar with one program after another.  Slowly people quit, and the black creeping death of faith takes over. 

Others encourage people to find a place to worship, serve, fellowship, and grow. First, people need to worship each week.  After that, they need to have a place to dig deeper into the Bible and hopefully connect to other believers.  Finally, they should use their gifts somewhere for the glory of God.  Much of this can be accomplished on Sunday morning and one additional night a week.  The rest of your time can be used to impact your family and community. 

I love Church programs, and I hope everyone uses them to grow as disciples of Jesus.  Unfortunately, your attendance does not guarantee you will.  Seek to engage every aspect of your faith to help you grow, and that does not mean you need to fill every evening with Church. 

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