The Empty Nest

My wife and I are entering a new phase of life.  This past Wednesday, we dropped off our youngest son at college.  The house is now empty except for the two of us.  Two of my boys have graduated from universities and have promising careers.  Two are in college as a freshman and a junior. 

This week we returned home from dropping him off, and the house was quiet.  Sure, we know that all of them will continue to come and go for the rest of their lives.  But for the most part, we are alone now. 

I am excited about this new phase of life.  No longer do we have to plan around school functions, sports, and their desires. Instead, we are free to live in a new unrestrained way that we have never experienced before now. 

My wife and I married while in college.  Our lives were full of school, work, and ministry right up until she got pregnant with our first one.  We have been married for almost 27 years and have had children in the picture for nearly 25 of those.  There has been very little time for us together. 

We are not entirely sure what the future holds for us, but we are excited about the possibilities.  We gladly welcome your prayers.  We do know what the future will have more connecting with other believers.  It is an exciting and scary time, and it is hard to believe we are finally here. 

The nest is empty, and the baby birds have all left.  Now is our time to soar. 

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