Light to Get Home

Recently I heard an analogy that I thought was helpful.  It is not original to me, and I do not know the source, but I will share it anyway.

Faith is like driving at night with only your headlights to guide the way. 

Imagine a night, and you are lost in the country.  Cell reception is sketchy at best, and you are not exactly sure where you are going.  The good news is that your car is running great, and both headlights work flawlessly.  With just those lights, you can see a few hundred yards ahead of you.  If you take it slow and steady, driving with those lights to guide you, you can make the progress you need.  Mile by mile, you will move toward safety and the direction that will take you home.

Faith is like those headlights.  It will not reveal everything to you.  In fact, it will only guide a little into the future.  But if you follow God’s leading, he will take you one day at a time safely into the unknown.  That will move you forward a week, a month, and then a year.  Over a lifetime of following his light, you will finally find your way home. 

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