Continuing to Worship

Like every other one before it, the Church will gather to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this Sunday morning.  In our setting, we will take about an hour to sing, pray, share communion, and listen to the Bible taught.  Some people will meet for a second hour with a small group to share their lives and look more intently into God’s word. 

I hope that this event will be the result of each individually worshipping Jesus throughout the week.  Our gathering is the corporate expression of what people have been doing alone with their Savior on Monday through Saturday.  Hopefully, people are setting aside time to pray and read the scripture on their own. In addition, they are listening to worship music and songs from the Christian community.  Each day is given to God in all they do, so Sunday is when they gather to connect with those of a similar lifestyle. 

Sunday morning worship is designed to be an addition to your faith and not a total expression. Unfortunately, Sunday will seem artificial and fake when it is the only form of worship in someone’s life.  It will be like speaking a foreign language for a high school class.  Sure, you know enough to get by and not look like a fool, but it is not your native tongue. 

If you want this Sunday to be a genuinely Godly experience.  It starts with what you do with your time every other day – even today. 

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