A Round of Applause

In 1942, composer Aaron Copland wrote a piece of music for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra entitled “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  The music was supposedly inspired by a speech made earlier that year by then Vice President Henry A. Wallace, in which he proclaimed the dawning of the “Century of the Common Man.” 

Even if you do not immediately recognize that name, you have probably heard the music somewhere.  Ironically it is often played before the performance of professional athletes, which completely nullifies the title of the work.  The goal was to create music to celebrate common people who do ordinary things to bless their families and make this country great. 

I have often thought I should play a video of the song at Church.  Every week people will come and tell me how much they enjoyed the sermon, love the Church, or have been blessed by our community.  It usually feels like they are giving me credit for things of which I had no part.  This wonderful group of people allows me to be one of their leaders, but the real work of ministry is carried on every week by the “common men and women” who love Jesus and serve selflessly. 

Today I want to take a few lines and thank all the wonderful people who make, not just my Church, but every Church great.  The greeters, nursery workers, cleaning crew, kitchen helpers, snack makers, Sunday School teachers, worship singers and players, office workers, and prayer offering people.  Every week is the result of dozens of people giving their time and talent to the work of the Lord.

If you love the Church you attend, I strongly encourage you to thank those who serve behind the scenes organizing, preparing, and participating in the work of ministry.

If you are one of those people who do help to keep the ministry of the Church going.  Then I want to say “thank you” for all that you do.  The Church could not exist without you.  You deserve a round of applause.

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