Slaying the Enemy

Sharing your journey of faith is a profound way to make an impact for the kingdom of God. 

Sometimes other believers need to hear stories of people on the battlefield fighting the same wars that wage in our souls.  We need the camaraderie of brothers and sisters in arms and the encouragement that comes from knowing we are not alone. 

We always need to hear the stories of the warriors who have been victorious in battle. We long to listen to the tales of those brave men and women who have faced the enemy and won.  They are scarred and often bloody from fighting against the evil in their hearts and minds.  We need the stories of courageous people who fought back against addiction, lust, pornography, and anger and won.  They have experienced loneliness, depression, and anxiety and come out as a better person.  And others have lived through pain, loss, and a lifetime of difficulties and still found joy.  Every Christian needs to hear the stories of overcoming faith and perseverance in the face of possible defeat. 

These stories need to be shared to know that it is possible to slay the enemy.  We need to be continually reminded that the battles we face can end in victory and be encouraged not to give up.   

You may not feel like your faith journey has much to offer, so you don’t share it often. But, the truth is that the rest of us need to hear about your struggles to be emboldened to face another week.  Hero stories come in all shapes and sizes. 

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