Your Unique Place in the Kingdom

This past summer, my wife, son, and I were on vacation down south.  We enjoyed the trip to the beach, but we also spent a great deal of time and money trying different restaurants.  I noticed that each time we went out to eat, they generally served one type of food.  They were either Italian, Mexican, American, or Southern.  Not only that, some of them also only served one food. For example, we went into a fast-food place that only offered chicken strips and fries.  Another one served primarily shrimp and another only steak. 

Each of the places we stopped was thriving.  Most of them had excellent reviews on Yelp and were highly recommended.  All while not serving a variety of dishes.  They were specialized, and they did it well. 

What if you found one thing to do for God and spent your life perfecting it? 

I believe everyone needs to cultivate a servant’s heart.  That is reflected in the willingness to do anything required of you to move the kingdom of God forward.  But there is also a benefit to specializing in your service to God. 

Imagine if I asked you what your gift was to serve the Lord; how would you respond?  If I asked what your one contribution to the work of God in the world, could you answer? 

How wonderful it would be if we had more people who said, “I am a guitar player, or I am a nursery worker, or I am gifted at cleaning.” There is a long list of possible ministries in the Church, but the sweet spot of serving is when you find your unique place in the kingdom of God and serve him there to the best of your ability. 

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