When the Music Makes Sense

Love songs make the most sense to a person who is falling in love. 

Songs about heartbreak and leaving appeal to those going through loss, divorce, and separation. 

Jimmy Buffet music is meant for lying on the beach and looking out at the ocean. 

Country music is for sitting by the fire out under the stars with good friends. 

Dance music fits in a club of crowded young people out for an evening of fun. 

Praise and worship music is written for people who follow Jesus. 

The people who have faith in God and try to please him daily understand the words without explanation.  Each song touches something deep in the soul that cannot be explained entirely; it must be felt. 

Perhaps the problem with your connection to God in song has little to do with the style of music or quality of the songs. Instead, maybe it has something to do with what is going on inside of you. 

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