Christianity is not about something you have accomplished, like, “Look what I have done.” Rather a Christian is something you are becoming.

I have often wondered why Jesus doesn’t immediately take us to heaven when we come to faith in him.  Once we claim him as our Savior, then why not usher us into his presence. 

One reason is that it takes a lifetime to become the person God desires.  We become like him inch by inch and decision by decision.  Sometimes that means we will do things wrong and learn from them.  Other times we walk through difficult seasons to mold our character and thoughts.  We expand our knowledge, soften our hearts, use our hands, and worship with our souls. 

Each day God gives us is a chance to become a better version of ourselves.  We can become like Jesus in all you do and say.  God has you and me here today for a reason, and maybe it is just to become more like him in every way.   

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