Think Small

Sometimes the biggest blessings come in the smallest of actions.

Things like:
-Taking the time to pray for someone.
-Tell that person you prayed for them.
-Dropping a text, email, or note to say something encouraging.
-Sharing an item of which you have extra.
-Giving a small gift, just to let someone know you were thinking of them.
-Adding something to the tip jar.
-Making a snack or dessert to give someone.
-Smiling when you talk to people.
-Telling a person “Thank you” for what they have done.

How many times has someone made your day, week, or month better by some little action? We often want to wait to show our admiration and appreciation in one grand gesture. In reality, the little things mean far more, and they are something any of us can do.

There is no better time to do them than right now.

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