Setting Your Own Pace

I am a driver who likes to go with the flow.  Whenever I am in the city and shut off the cruise control, I tend to go the speed of everyone around me.  Like many people, I think there is no way the police will give us all tickets. 

There are two things I have noticed about this habit.  First, if someone comes up behind me fast and gets on my back bumper, then I speed up.  I don’t know what I am thinking other than maybe I am going slower than everyone else.  Second, without noticing, I can be flying over 80 mph down the highway.  It is easy to go faster and faster and not notice it.  Meanwhile, I am putting myself and my family at a greater risk of accident and injury.

Life is sometimes like driving.  If we are not careful, we can keep going faster and faster to keep up with everyone else.  We fill our schedules with meetings, parties, appointments, and tasks. Every night is full, and we spend little time thinking and reflecting on God’s work or his word.  We have no extra time for family and friends.  Life is busy. 

Then the minute you try to slow down, someone drives right up on your back bumper and tries to push you to go faster.  Sign up for this sport, school activity, or group is the constant plea. “You are free on Tuesday nights?  Great, that is the night you can help with ….” 

Remember back when Covid shut everything down, and you were enjoying a different kind of life that was less frantic and fast-paced?  Remember how you said, “I will never allow myself to get that busy again?” Well, some of us are right back on the highway and allowing everyone else to set our pace.  Know that God is not pushing you to do more most of the time; it is usually the people around you.

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