Used for Good

The item was listed as NIB.  That means it was never used, and it is New In the Box. 

It is an excellent way to find an older item when you are searching online.  Then you know you are getting a product that has never been touched and should have a long life. However, it seems like an odd thing to me.  There are only a couple of possible explanations.  First, someone bought this object and put it away on purpose with the hope of selling it later for a profit.  The other possibility is that someone bought it and simply never used it. Either way, the item is unused and in perfect condition.

Whenever you use something, it will get scratches and dents.  It will start to wear and have signs of use.  But that is what the item was made to do.   It was made to be used.  It was never designed to sit in a box year after year looking nice.  Something that has been used is fulfilling the purpose for which it was created.  While I like finding NIB items online, I cannot help but think, “what a waste.” Someone owned a great piece and then never used it. 

The same is true with people.  God created each one of us with unique gifts and abilities.  Everyone has their own special contribution to give to the kingdom of God.  But know that if you try to do something good, you will sometimes get scratches and dents. Things will not go the way you planned, people will get upset, and your feelings might get hurt.  You will watch things fail, people quit, and others ignore you.  It can be frustrating to serve people in the name of Jesus.  But that is what we were created to do. 

We can keep ourselves safe on the shelf, but only in being used will we each fulfill our purpose.

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