Scarred For Life

Some pain never goes away.  It might fade into the background, but someone touches the scar, and pain shoots through your whole body.  You wish you could forget that day and what happened then, but it is burned indelibly into your mind. 

I was once told that time heals all wounds.  While it is true that the wounds will eventually turn into scars, pain can still exist even if it is only occasionally when you are touched in the right place.

This is true physically and metaphorically as well.  The pain of losing my best friend 31 years ago still catches me at times, and I sit silently and cry.  The hurt from my father’s strokes and death can cut through me at unexpected moments, making it feel like it happened yesterday.  The person who said those words to me will never know how they still hurt.  The phone not ringing when I was struggling made the pain almost unbearable, and I cannot forget it. 

Don’t get me wrong; I have learned to forgive, move beyond the moment, and heal in those situations the best way I could.  But I was left scarred for life.

There are days I hurt from the past, and I cannot explain it to you unless you have experienced it yourself.  Honestly, I hope you have no idea what I am talking about in this post. 

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