Enjoy The World Around You

I stopped my walk for a couple of minutes and watched the sun melt into the horizon and leave an orange glow across the sky.  Soon the colors of red bled from the west, leaving everything as dark shadows against the fading evening.  It was breathtaking in its beauty, and I almost missed it because I needed to get in my workout. 

God never designed life to be an endless cycle of busyness.  It was also never planned for us to be passively entertained by others. Instead, life at its best is meant to be lived with the Godly pattern of loving, serving, giving, and enjoying. 

The first three seem evident to anyone who has ever read a Bible, even in a simplistic way. First, we are called to a relationship with God and others.  There we serve one another and give to anyone who has a need.  The final one, enjoyment, I rarely hear anyone mention.  I do not mean you passively sit at home and spend your days being entertained by your TV.  Instead, I think God wants us to enjoy this wonderful creation where he has placed us.

There is no Bible book, chapter, and verse that says this truth. However, I have noticed repeatedly in the Proverbs and the Psalms.  God made this intricate and beautiful world, and those two books stop to see it frequently.  I want every person to enjoy this wonderful life and creation God has given us. 

Get up before dawn and watch the sunrise.  Walk at night and look for shooting stars.  You can find a quiet lake and peacefully notice the sky as it melts into the night.  Observe nature, hike in the woods, ride a bike or a motorcycle into the unknown.  Travel as cheaply as possible so that you can swim in the ocean or ascend a mountain.  God created this planet with so much beauty, and I hope you can get out and experience it.  If nothing else, go outside today and spend a few minutes noticing something you might have missed. 

This is not the central focus of life and should not take all our time and money. Instead, our relationship with God and others is primary.  But I also think you should take time to notice the world where you are placed and enjoy it. God’s creation is magnificent, and it would be a shame to miss it because you were too busy or trapped inside by a talking box.    

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