Good Work or God’s Work?

Is there a difference?

That question is essential yet neglected. 

It is critical for a Church and Christians to be doing the Lord’s work above all else. Almost everyone agrees that his work is good.  So believers set out into the world doing all kinds of projects that benefit their neighbors and communities.  And everyone assumes that what they are doing makes God happy.  If people feel good about what they are doing, why overanalyze it?

My definition of good work is doing something that blesses other people.  These actions can range from a conversation to a building project to offering a meal. However, the definition of God’s work adds a significant element.  It is doing something that blesses other people and leads them to greater faith in God.  That last part is easy to overlook but is essential.

While there are many good works we can do, not every one of them leads people to God.  Some of them can make us feel good about ourselves and create positive vibes while having nothing to do with God.  All of God’s work is good, but not all good work is of God. 

The Church is a community of people who go out into the world doing many good deeds, but they fail if it ceases to do God’s work.    

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