The Making of Books

Just because someone wrote a book about a topic does not mean they are an expert or right. 

A congregational member once told me about a book he was reading, and immediately a chill went down my spine.  The author had no advanced training in biblical studies and had shown no sign of deep knowledge of the scripture from personal experience. Yet, they were given a chance to write a book about faith because of their success in other areas.  Honestly, it was total garbage. 

I want people to read and grow in their faith, but we must rely on the right voices. 

Writing a book on any topic does not validate the author’s knowledge.  It simply shows us that this person has the discipline to sit down every day at a computer and complete a task.  That is a noble accomplishment but is dangerous when the person is wrong. 

I want to encourage everyone to find out the author’s background before reading a book.  Look at what else they have written, check out who endorsed them, and ask critical questions.  The only thing worse than no information is the wrong information. 

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