Regular Reminders

Life is full of regular reminders of past events. Annually we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. We pause for a day or an evening and remember something significant that happened on that day. This practice keeps us grounded in our lives and relationships. We note that we are a year older, have been together a year longer, and enjoy the historical significance of events and people.

Personally, I believe God knows our need for regular reminders, and he also knows that annual events are not frequent enough. We need to be reminded weekly. Every Sunday morning, the Church comes together to worship, pray, and learn about God’s word. As a preacher, I hope that people learn and grow because of their time together on Sunday morning. Even when that does not happen, I think their participation in the group will serve as a reminder of the bigger things in life.

Each week our worship together is a reminder of the priority of God in our lives. It forces us to start our week by acknowledging his power and grace. It keeps us grounded in his word as a weekly guide for living. Finally, it reminds us that we are not alone in our faith but share the journey with hundreds of other believers.

Even if you get very little out of your time at worship this coming Sunday, church attendance is a good reminder of your need for Jesus and his work in your life.

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