What Do You Say?

I said it a thousand times to my children. Someone did something nice for them, and then I would look at them and say, “What do you say?”

They knew the answer was always two simple words, “Thank you.” 

Whenever we receive a blessing, our response to the people who gave it should be gratitude. 

So before we start making plans for the new year and write down all of our hopes and dreams, be sure to stop and be thankful for the past year. Be grateful to the people who have blessed you. Also, be sure to thank God who gave you another year. We are guaranteed nothing in this life, and each day, along with each year, should be received as a gift. It is well worth your time to spend a few minutes thanking God for this past year and all the blessings that came with it.

We expect our children to show good manners whenever someone does something nice for them. Should we not set the example as adults?

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