Time to Start Over

A friend of mine taught me that the human mind likes new beginnings. So we love Monday as a chance to start over. Likewise, new months and seasons are opportunities to mark the end of one adventure and start the next. The same is true for a new year. 

In one way, nothing changed, but in another way, this is the perfect opportunity to put the past behind us and start fresh. 

On Saturday, I will throw out last year’s calendar, put away paperwork, and write an annual report of events. Simultaneously, I will get out a blank new calendar, start new empty files, and develop a to-do list. 

The new year is here, even if it technically doesn’t change anything. I hope you will allow it to be the open door for change and transformation in your life. I don’t know what God is placing on your heart to improve and become more like him. But now is a great time to start.   

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