Adapt or Die in Ministry

An older pastor told me that the key to surviving in ministry is “adapt or die.”  That statement was made to me over twenty years ago.   If it was true then, it has never been more true than going into 2022. Covid issues, technological advances, podcasting, social media, infrequent attendance, and a host of problems have impacted how the community of believers does Church.  

Don’t mishear me. The core of our faith never changes. Believers stand firm on the unchanging witness of the scriptures. However, once we stand on the Bible, everything else is subject to change to meet the needs of the people during the age in which they live. 

That means the future of the Church will look different than the past.

This transformation is not because the old ways were evil. The world is changing, and we need to use every available tool to reach people today. Just like the culture around us is different than it was twenty years ago, the Church must be ever-changing. 

Not all new approaches will be welcomed. Some transitions will not be smooth. But all adjustments are necessary. The old pastor was correct; the Church must continue to adapt or die in every generation.   

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