Compared to Other People

Most of us believe that the people around us are well-adjusted, calm, and secure in themselves. They act confident and tackle issues without fear of failure or embarrassment. Everyone we know appears so focused and firm in their hopes, goals, and dreams. 

Honestly, I bet if you took the time to get to know these people. Most likely, we would find out that they don’t have it altogether. They are scared, insecure, and unsure of themselves. They paint on a mask, only hoping that others will not see the fear in their eyes.

People are the same. We all are trying to do our best in whatever capacity we find ourselves. We strive to be the best child, spouse, parent, worker, friend, Christian, and person we can be while being unsure if we are doing it correctly. 

I think this truth should allow you to do two things. First, I hope it makes you compassionate toward the people you encounter. They are trying their best. Second, I also hope you will go easy on yourself. No one is putting more pressure on you than yourself. Relax and don’t compare your internal issues with the way another person appears to be living. 

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