Spewing Negativity

Did you have a negative encounter with that person, or did someone you know tell you about an unpleasant interaction, and then you adopted their mentality?

This is a vital question when dealing with difficult people. Did you have an experience with someone you considered negative or did another person have one, and you took on their attitude as your own?

Whenever we walk around spewing our negative stories about others, it helps us feel justified or avenged. But it does damage that we cannot see. Suddenly, we shift the mood of every person toward this individual. Other people will quickly accept your opinions as authoritative, even if you were just trying to vent your anger. 

Some people hate me, who have never had a bad interaction with me. Some have never talked to me or at least not spoken about the issue they claim justifies their anger. Instead, they have been told about how I behaved in a situation and accepted it without asking questions. 

The Bible writers frequently mention removing gossip, slander, anger, malice, arrogance, and discord along with idolatry and sexual immorality. A believer must understand that their words can be as deadly as their actions. With a word, each of us can destroy lives, ruin friendships and tear down other people. Spewing negative stories may make you feel good for a few minutes, but the damage done will hurt others for a lifetime.     

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