The Power of Suggestion

A children’s ministry leader taught me that teachers should say to the kids every week, “We are having a good time,” repeatedly. Then they stated that if you tell the children at least five times in an hour that they are having a good time, they will believe they had one. 

I don’t know their data to support that statement, but it makes sense because we are constantly being shaped by the ideas shared with us. This is what is often called “the power of suggestion.”  This concept means that something is communicated to a person until that idea becomes a reality. 

The potential in this idea can be negatively used with someone, especially with a young person. Tell them over and over that their life has no value, and they believe it to be true. Speak to them about a dark future and no potential for love, and you can crush their soul. 

It can also have an overwhelmingly positive impact too. Say to someone repeatedly that they are loved, possess value, and have unlimited possibilities for their life, and they will accept it as a fact. Stating good things to others will help them see the good in themselves. 

If one key to a well-balanced Godly life is hearing the right voices speaking truth into your life, there are two final questions. Whose voice are you listening to each day? And what are you saying to others consistently?

Words shape worlds. 


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