The Kingdom of God

Jesus came to proclaim the kingdom of God on earth. 

This statement is loaded with meaning that can be applied in numerous ways. What caught my attention lately has been two-fold. First, the kingdom is not about a place but a people. Christians speak a lot about the Church not being a building but people, but we don’t say much about the kingdom. Well, the kingdom of God is not about geography; it is about people also. 

The second thing I noticed recently is that it is not about individuals. The Church nor the kingdom are neither focused on God’s work in my life alone. Both are about a community of people working together for the good of the king or the bridegroom. 

Biblical images of the followers of Jesus are always plural. We live together, work together, love one another, and seek the good of everyone. We are a body with many parts, a family with numerous relatives, and a community with lots of residents. As a result, our lives and ministries impact other people. There are no lone Christians. 

The kingdom of God is composed of people. Every believer is a part of something far more extensive than themselves. Maybe the next time you feel alone, you should remind yourself that in God’s kingdom, you are never alone.

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