Significant or Enjoyable?

While driving on my birthday, my wife asked me an interesting question. From the silence, she asked, “What are the 50 most memorable events of your life from the first 50 years?”

At the moment, I was not sure how to answer, and I am still not sure. By memorable, do you mean significant or enjoyable?

I wish that all the events that shaped our lives were fun experiences that made us smile and laugh. But often, the most significant events are those that come with tears and pain.

Losing my best friend and my dad have shaped every interaction, conversation, and relationship in my life. The call to change where I minister has come with goodbyes and tears. Sitting in a doctor’s office and listening to him has impacted my wife and I’s future. These moments have molded me and left a lasting memory that time cannot erase.

Most of us chase happiness and try to avoid pain at all costs. Yet, sometimes those difficult moments will become the catalyst for significant changes in our lives. They can redirect us and open our eyes to a new world of possibilities.

What were the most memorable moments of my life so far? It is hard to say, but many of the answers are surprising. I only hope that all of them left me a better person.

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