Curiosity Fatigue

I recently heard a teacher make a brief comment that I had to write down. He said something like, “One of the biggest problems most people face is curiosity fatigue. We get tired, and we stop asking the questions that will help us move forward.” 

When we are new to something, we begin with this sense of wonder. We ask numerous questions about how things work, why we are doing these things, and the outcomes of the activities. Then, as we get more familiar with the work, we stop asking questions. This can happen a few hours into the day, a few weeks into a project, or a few months into a lifestyle change – including following Jesus. 

As new believers, we know there is so much to learn and do. If we are not careful, we lose that curiosity over time and often settle into complacency. 

One way to rekindle your faith is to sit down and start writing out all the questions you have about God, Jesus, religion, the Christian life, and the Church. Begin listing all the things you once wondered about and have slowly forgotten. Then allow those questions to push you to find answers. You need to reignite your curiosity, and that will reinvigorate your faith. 

Maybe your biggest problem is that you have simply stopped asking questions and accepted everything. Perhaps it is time to inquire and investigate about faith. It can be the doorway to growth rather than death.   

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