Relationships are Messy

Most of us long for clearly defined relationships. We want to know where we stand with people and have boundaries that keep them in their place. We like to say, “These are my friends, those are my coworkers, and that group of people are my acquaintances.” We enjoy adding labels and want to know where we stand with everyone.

Unfortunately, relationships do not work like that. That person at work who is an acquaintance might step up and be a friend at an unexpected time. The person you think of as your best friend might disappear for a time as they walk through a dark valley. A stranger at Church might be the exact person to fill a need in your life that was left by a parent. We never know when our relationship with someone will change entirely.

People drift in and out of our lives, while others stay, and their relationship morphs into something new. What seems so clearly defined today may change unexpectantly. The perfectly structured hierarchy of relationships you have around you may be a chaotic mess by the end of the weekend.

There are only two things you can do about this fact. One is to push away from all people and try to live alone. The other is to ignore the possibilities and be as friendly as possible to everyone.

Just know that one of these will make you crazy, and the other will make you loved.

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