You Are Not Alone

Often, we feel all alone in our hurts and hang-ups. We think we are the only person who thinks like this, has struggled with this issue, or carry this burden.

The more we feel like this, the greater the darkness in our souls becomes.

I would suggest that you feel that way because you have not told people your thoughts and emotions.

In a small group at Church recently, a man came and shared the issues plaguing him. I could tell he was scared and felt alone. But the group responded by telling him how they either did feel the same way or had at one point. They were kind and compassionate toward him, and you can feel a change in his soul.

Most of us like to keep our personal struggles to ourselves. Then they begin to feel more significant while we suffer alone. One of the ways to reduce the emotional load you are carrying is by talking to God. Another way is by speaking with other people.

You are not alone, no matter what you think at this moment.

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