Some people over-spiritualize everything as they speak. 

It was not a trip to the store. It was a venture out into the world with the possibility of sharing the gospel of Jesus with everyone. They are not struggling in their marriage; God is teaching them through a series of trials. They are not having a good week; they are blessed with all the blessings of God.

Every conversation and interaction is portrayed as having deep spiritual significance. 

Do not get me wrong, I believe God is working, and we should be sharing our faith. But, what bothers me is the overly dramatic way that everything is stated. There is a place for seeing the impact of faith on our lives, and there is a time to talk about it. But, there is also a time to speak plainly and share your actions simply.

What bothers me as I talk to people like this is that they say all the right things. Their words make them sound spiritual and like their faith is an integral part of their life. And I hope it truly is that way. But most of the time, this is a smokescreen.

Our faith is not measured by the descriptive words we use but rather by our actions. People living their faith rarely have to tell you about the spiritual dimensions of their life.   

An over-spiritualized person can talk extensively about faith. However, authentic Christianity is seen in doing the things of faith. 

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