Nothing Invested

The other night, my wife and I went to a local high school basketball game. It was amazing how calm and relaxed I felt. I enjoyed the game and watching the local boys have fun on the court. 

This was completely different than the last time I watched from the bleachers. The last one I attended had my son on the court. In fact, over the previous ten years, one of my sons had been out there playing during every game. I had nothing invested in this sporting event for the first time in years. There was no deep personal connection to the players, so I was in no way emotional about anything going on that night.

The same thing can happen at Church. People may attend, but they have nothing personally invested in anything happening there. They sit back and watch without a care in the world. They simply want some good religious entertainment and the ability to critique what they experienced. 

That is not what it means to be a member of a Church community. The difference between a member and a random attendee is a personal investment. When you are invested, you care about what happens. 

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