When the Preacher says, “Amen?”

A preacher I know will often stop while preaching and say, “Amen?” 

It is not a shout of exclamation, rather a question of, “Do you think what I just said is true?”

What that preacher wants is a response to the words he is using. He wants people to affirm that he is saying the right things, and it is resonating with the congregation. He longs for feedback that his sermon is effective. 

I have never been one to say, “Amen?” This may be because of my upbringing or possibly my college training. But I am also convinced that the best “Amen” you can give me is going out and doing what I said. If I preach the truth and touch your soul, the best response is action.

It is nice to get positive feedback on Sunday, but the biggest compliment you can give me is to live my teaching on a weekday. 

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